February 28, 2020

Chinooks aside, winters in YYC beckon woolens and wine, basement billiard games and bookworming under a blankie! Let hibernation be the inspiration for your walkout basement design with tips and treatments that fit Artesia like a mitten.

If you have visited the newest Artesia showhomes, you will know what we mean. Descending to the lowest level of these spacious homes is more uplifting than one may think for a few reasons:

  • smart use of space with well-conceived layouts
  • large windows for natural light
  • intimacy from tone and texture in furnishings and decor
  • purpose-built rooms for wine, wellness, gatherings and games that suit personal lifestyle choices
  • take design risks you may not have the courage to on upper floors

Whether you seek comfort in solo pursuits or coming together with family members and friends, the options for walk-outs that work year-round — and especially in winter — are seemingly endless.

Let’s explore what was done in Artesia’s newest homes and why.

Artesia IMG_7412

First, the inspiration and explanation behind the walkout design decisions in the IMPERIA model stem from attaining balance between healthy recreation and heartful relaxation.

You will find a traditional family room with an entertainment center and sectional sofa that frames the view to the patio and makes the television an anchor for the space. It’s easy to imagine wintery nights with popcorn and Netflix, cuddles and chuckles over your favourite comedies or teary-eye cries over love stories and dramas.

Every home needs a space where people can put their feet up, their worries away and their built-in batteries on recharge. This is just the space! Neutral colours and textured fabrics soothe and warm in one decorator’s fell swoop. As easy as it may be to relegate the lower level to a catch all place for overflow storage items and random uses (sewing machines, gaming paraphernalia, sports gear etc.) we suggest using storage in the ample garage or carving out purposefully designed areas in bedrooms or on landings etc for such “work spaces.” Let relaxation in a well decorated space reign in the main walkout living space.

In this model you will also be inspired and delighted by the boxing themed workout room. From the bags and gloves to the artwork and roomy partitioned gym, there is no excuse not to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee in the winter here!

Unifying the lower level with a decor theme brings cohesion and invites you to use this coveted level to the max!

Meanwhile in the CATANIA model home, the walkout space pares back on purpose-built recreation and maximizes this level for more bedrooms for guests or younger family members who treasure their privacy and bedroom get-aways. That said, through good planning there is no true sacrifice on communal space that flows with an open, organic approach to decor perfect for child’s play and grown-up partying.

Artesia Brookfield_Catina

The dramatic, temperature controlled wine cellar with artful inlaid flooring and flowing play areas — for foosball, card games or sprawling out — showcase how valuable a roomy lower level can be to meet every family member’s needs.

Special attention should be paid to the artful bathroom in this lower-level enclave! This bathroom exemplifies how elevated design on a lower level brings sophistication to match the upper floors for a cohesive top-to-bottom vibe for a unified home.

Clearly, walkouts are popular in Calgary and home buyers value them whether for their first-purchase or to sustain value at the time of resale. Our advice is to consider wintertime uses for your walkout so you can maximize this space whatever the weather! And to consider design features that make sense for your family now and into the future!


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