January 6, 2020

More reasons to consider the one-of-a-kind community of Artesia by Brookfield Residential for your next home purchase.

Calgary’s urban landscape is divided into four quadrants, NE, SE, NW and SW, and while each are undeniably Calgary, their unique geographical locations present different advantages, benefits and opportunities than the others.  Simply put, your own personal preferences for recreation, travel, amenities and conveniences will likely come into play when choosing your next home, and if that isn’t the case, let us be the first to bring it to your attention, along with our own pitch for choosing a home in Calgary’s South.

Here’s a short list of five popular reasons why Calgarians choose to live in the south.

#1: South Calgary’s VIP Cineplex Theater

By now, chances are you’ve been to a few movies over the years, and the experience likely varied based on the quality of the movie, the company you kept and the food and beverages that you enjoyed.

Add to all of that the trip into the theatre, the line-ups for tickets and snacks and the seats you end up with (the quality of which is directly related to how early you were willing to come to save them) and a fun night out can begin to feel more like an evening of effort.

However, thanks to Seton’s VIP Cineplex, Calgary’s deep-south homeowners looking for the ultimate movie going experience for adults can take advantage of a movie night designed to suit date night, perfectly — without the down sides and with plenty of bonus extras!

In addition to comfy, reserved, full-recliner seating, VIP offers a fully licensed lounge, a specialty food menu that offers full restaurant service, and premium, in-seat service that allows you to enjoy your time, without getting up.


Artesia VIP-Cineplex-3

Only available in Calgary’s deep south, Seton VIP takes movie-going to a whole new level, so sit back and enjoy the best moviegoing experience in town!

#2: World’s Largest YMCA

Clocking in at more than 30,000 square metres, the Brookfield Residential YMCA at Seton is one of the crown jewels of Calgary’s developing south; providing opportunities for recreation, education and socialization since January 2019.

Now celebrating its first anniversary, Seton’s YMCA offers a full list of amenities that include the fitness area, gym, library, art studios, theatre, daycare, multipurpose/community rooms, two arenas and two pools designed to cater to all kinds of development and recreational needs.

And while plenty of YMCAs are open all across Calgary and its surrounding areas, none can compete with Calgary south’s sheer volume of space and offerings. Here’s some quick numbers to further tantalize*:

  • 330,000 square feet: The approximate size of the new YMCA.
  • $3.5 million: The investment made by Brookfield Residential.
  • 3: The number of gymnasiums, equipped with multi-purpose flooring.
  • 1: How many helicopters are on display inside the YMCA.
  • $193 million: The cost to build the facility.
  • 2,300 square metres: The approximate size of a full-service library.
  • 2: The number of multi-purpose ice rinks.
  • 250: The number of seats in the YMCA’s new theatre.
Artesia IMG_0070

Additional offerings include Calgary’s first surf simulators, a centre for fitness equipped with cardio and strength-training equipment,  multiple hot tubs and a relaxing steam room, fitness/aerobics studios, multi-purpose meeting spaces, food service, a physiotherapy/medical clinic and much, much more!

For those who have had the chance to check it out already, it’s easy to understand the “Y” behind deciding to buy a home close enough to take advantage of this amazing facility.

#3: Spruce Meadows

Far more than just a place where horses go to be ridden by professionals, Spruce Meadows takes pride in its commitment to providing year-round opportunities for Calgarians of all ages to come and enjoy the venue.

Much more than show horses and jumping events (which are always a huge draw for locals and visitors alike) Spruce Meadows is also home to Calgary’s Cavalry Football Club in the Canadian Premier League, who play their home matches at the ATCO Field on the grounds of Spruce Meadows.

Not only that, as a huge event venue with tons of space and facilities, their year-long calendar is jam-packed with everything from artisan markets to holiday themed celebrations, private functions, car shows, dog shows, concert events and a lot more — all just a few-minutes from Artesia by car.

Interested? Their event calendar is always updating exciting new reasons to come visit: https://www.sprucemeadows.com/calendar/

#4: Family Fun Farms

Anyone with young kids knows that the biggest challenge during the long summer months is finding fun and educational alternatives to hanging around the house playing with their digital screens.

Fortunately for those of us who live in the south, there exists a wide variety of fun, family-focused farms offering the chance to get outside and play with other kids, animals and a wide-range of activities and facilities designed to offer countless days of recreation!

From Artesia, residents are just a short 5-15 minute drive from the following:

Calgary Farmyard & Corn Maze: https://www.calgaryfarmyard.com/

Here, the young and young at heart alike can mix together and enjoy countless opportunities to play games, interact with animals, find your way through a giant corn maze, or participate in any number of games, contests and activities. All just a short drive from your home in Artesia.

Artesia Farmland1-768×367

Granary Road – Active Learning Park: https://granaryroad.com/

For those with children whose enthusiasm for outdoor play never dies, let us introduce you to Granary Road — A place where family & friends come together to enjoy the good things in life.

The Granary Road Active Learning Park is full of activities, education walls, games and trivia boards designed to both entertain and educate your kids as they enjoy countless features and one-of-a-kind play areas.

The market offers an impressive selection of artisans offering food, drink, crafts and more, allowing you to make a day of it, without catering exclusively to one age group within the family.

Artesia GRANARY2-768×512

Kayben Farms: http://kayben.com/sunshine-adventure-park-home/

Kayben Farms is a popular destination where school groups, birthday parties and day campers join together to celebrate nature, connect with animals and spend time with friends and family.  Self-proclaimed as “the perfect thing to do outside with family near Calgary Alberta” Kayben offers a retreat from the modern day stresses, and the opportunity to reconnect with nature in a healthy way that promotes growth and activity.

Just 10 minutes South of Calgary Alberta, Kayben Farms is the perfect getaway, without the long drive.

#5: Warmer Temperatures

Did you know that South Calgary is typically a few degrees warmer than North Calgary?

It’s undeniable (apparently), albeit somewhat difficult to prove…

But ask any long-time Calgarian and they will attest to the fact that there’s a reason all God’s creatures prefer to head south for a little more warmth, even if only by a few dozen kilometers…

Perhaps the combination of the warm mountain winds coming from the Rockies to the south and Calgary’s expansive footprint within the province come together to offer the perfect landscape for (slightly) warmer temperatures when compared to neighbourhoods in the deep north – or maybe it’s something else about Calgary’s south hospitality that just feels warmer…

Regardless, when you’re dealing with Canada’s long winters and ridiculously short summers, isn’t every extra degree a blessing?

The Choice is Yours

Hopefully this short list of advantages has you considering more than the square footage and price of your next home. And while there are undoubtedly many more things to consider when choosing your next home, you have to admit, there’s something to be said for considering a move to Calgary’s South!

*Stats taken from https://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/by-the-numbers-seton-ymca-assumes-worlds-largest-crown